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Get your local phone service and long distance in a bundle for one LOW monthly fee. Lowest cost plans!

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Local Phone Service

Lowest cost local phone providers.

Local Phone Service Providers Online

 Introducing combined local and long distance telephone services! Get your local phone service and long distance in a bundle for one LOW monthly fee. Now you can have ONE BILL instead of two for only a fraction of the cost you are paying now. We have the lowest cost plans on the web.

More local phone service providers coming soon, click on the image below to see what Residential Landline phone carriers are offered in your area.

WhiteFence landline phone provider comparison



local phone service companies

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PhonePower VoIP

Local and Long Distance Phone via the Internet.

PhonePower Broadband Phone Service - residential and business VoIP starting at $8.33 per month. Unlimited long distance and local calling in the U.S. for one low price. PhonePower Internet Phone Company Info - Unlimited calls for only $14.95/month! Super low international rates! Prepay for $129.95 per year Unlimited U.S. and Canada calling. Newest Provider****

Lingo VoIP - It's hard to say no to  broadband phone service starting from $21.99/month ($49.99 business plans)! Great international rates too!




Qt talk VoIP - Unlimited calls for only $12.99/month for the first 3 months ($19.99 thereafter)! Super low international rates!


Long Distance Phone Providers

(Add on long distance portion of your local telephone bill.)

Pioneer Telephone

Pioneer Telephone From 2.7/min, low international rates Traditional long distance with old fashioned customer service. No hidden surprises... just a simple, straightforward and honest company. Pioneer has not raised its domestic U.S. rates since 1989!



Opex from 2.9/minute - 100 free minutes! Outstanding (USA origination) service, featuring low intrastate and interstate rates from 3.5. Full minute billing. Online signup. Receive an 8% discount by prepaying for your OPEX service.


ibn long distance

IBN Tel Super low USA and International rates! Outstanding service with ultra-low international and domestic rates available throughout most of the continental United States. IBNTel uses a high quality network so you don't have to substitute call quality for the low rates! rates start at 2.5 cents per minute USA.

Phone Service Industry News By MyPhoneService. . . .

 Check back here for the latest news on pricing for the Telecom industry!!  See the latest news and promotional offers from long distance local and cell phone providers. Coming soon...New PhonePower Internet phone unlimited local and long distance for as low as $8.33! 

 What is Broadband VoIP Service? 

 How Can I Place a VoIP/Internet Phone Call?


Depending on the telephone service providers, one way to place a internet call is to pick up your phone and dial the number, using an adaptor that connects to your existing high-speed Internet connection. The call goes through your local telephone company to a VoIP provider.

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